Aamer Javeed Threw His Son’s (Syed Arhaan Amjad Javeed) 1st Birthday Party

Let’s get real, easily one of the most famous babies in Hyderabad, Aamer Javeed’s son Syed Arhaan Amjad Javeed has had a charmed 12 months on this planet, so it’s no surprise to see that his first birthday was pretty extravagant.

On Saturday, Aamer Javeed threw a majorly lavish birthday bash for his 1-year-old and he pulled out all the stops, throwing the blue white-themed baby party at Hyderabad’s famous Nizam club, The club was transformed into kids evening playground equipped with kids play area, greenery, Magic show, cartoon characters and much more.

Attendees included Hameed Khaleel, Wajid Khaleel, Jibran Shareef, Fathe Affan, Naveed, Sahil Gulati, Feroz Khan and more.

Check out the photos from Arhaan’s 1st birthday party below.

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