Life Of Amanda Cerny: From Playmate To The Viral Internet Sensation

Do you know our very own Amanda Cerny (@AmandaCerny) aka Amber Day, the model turned social media sensation? We bet you do.

Amanda Cerny is a Social Media Personality and Philanthropist. Born in June 26 1991, she grew up in a typical American family in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where she attended Florida State University.

Getting Into The PlayBoy Thing

Believe it or not, the heart throb model earned her fame as a Playboy Playmate for the October month in 2011 (Yeah! you can download the copy from internet) when she was just a teenager. It’s insane to realise that there are only twelve Playmates chosen every year by Hugh Hefner himself, from thousand of others.

However, Amanda Cerny became a teenage dream of many when her vines gained popularity and got more than mind-blowing 6 million views.

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