18 Nov

Amid fights and drama, Bandgi Kalra, Hina Khan and Benafsha along with other housemates were seen enjoying in swimming pool.

Hina Khan, Benafsha Soonawalla, Bandgi Kalra, Bigg Boss 11- India TV

Bigg Boss 11 will soon get its new captain, Amid the fight for captaincy, contestants were seen enjoying in pool. Bandgi Kalra, Hina Khan and Benafsha Soonawalla looked sizzling hot in their swimming costumes. Other contestants of the house were also seen enjoying with them. Bandgi, who donned black swimsuit, was seen having fun with Puneesh. What caught everybody’s attention was Arshi Khan. The lady entered the pool dressed in saree.

Benafsha and Priyank Sharma were seen spending some quality time with each other. Sapna Choudhary didn’t participate and just watched the contestants. Well, this is not the first time as in the previous seasons also female contestants were seen wearing swimming costumes on the show. It is yet to be seen how viewers react to it.

Bandgi-Puneesh’s increasing proximity has become the topic of discussion in the house. From sneaking into washroom to kissing each other on national TV, both of them have crossed limits. They are getting a tough competition from Priyank and Benafsha, who are also seen getting cosy on the show.

Priyank’s girlfriend Divya Agarwal has broken up with her after watching him getting close to Benafsha.

Luv Tyagi, Bandgi and Puneesh have become the contenders for captaincy. If latest reports are to be believed, Bandgi has won the task and become the new captain of the house.

This week, Sapna, Hina and Benafsha have been nominated.