01 Dec

Puneesh Sharma and Bandgi Kalra decided to take the road often taken on Bigg Boss 11. They randomly fell in love with each other and grabbed the eyeballs with their romance, like we have seen in the previous seasons of the show. It all started with them getting all cozy with each other under the sheets. Then they upgraded their affair by making out under the sheets. It is during this initial phase, we learnt that Bandgi is in a relationship with a TV producer, Dennis Nagpal, who broke up with her after she started getting all up close and personal with another man on national television. As for Puneesh, well the guy is married. Of course, the truth about Puneesh shocked the fans, but we came to know that he has filed for a divorce from his wife.

While Puneesh and Bandgi continue with their romance on Bigg Boss 11, Puneesh’s wedding pictures have made their way on social media, and needless to say, they are going viral. In the photos, we see Puneesh dressed as a groom and sitting on a horse. Another is a wide angle shot where Puneesh and his wife are performing some ritual. And in the third photo, which seems like from a party post his wedding, we see him dancing with his friends.

Although Puneesh and Bandgi have been getting all cozy after the lights go out, but from the unseen videos that we have been seeing from last couple of days, Bandgi seems to have realised that her image is at stake, which is why she has been hinting at a break-up from him. In fact, in a video that was published on Voot earlier today, she scolds him for touching her without her consent.

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