Contestant Priyank Has Been Evicted From The Show
30 Dec

Contestant Priyank Has Been Evicted: This time, the battle is between Luv Tyagi and Priyank Sharma. They both were nominated last week once the nomination dome task.

Luv has the support of the public, that is why he continually gets saved. However, for 4-5 times in a very row, Luv has been nominated but has not been evicted thanks, to the power of votes. we appreciate the huge support fans are showering upon him.

Even Priyank’s fate has been smart. Even after being thrown out of the house for breaking the rule, he came back & entertained his fans.

So wondering WHO has been evicted from the show? Well, it’s Priyank Sharma who will bid farewell to the house in the week.

The weekend Ka vaar episode has been shot and exclusive reports same that this time too Luv has been saved and contestant Priyank has been evicted from the show.

Tyagi community is functioning very hard to support Luv and therefore the results are clearly visible.


Earlier, Luv was inactive and Priyank was enjoying the sport well, however since few weeks, tables had turned. Luv is twiddling perfection now! Contestant Priyank Has Been Evicted