Salman Khan Slams Hina Khan
30 Dec

From being one of the most wanted TV actor (thanks to her Akshara character) to being the most trolled celebrity (thanks to Bigg Boss 11), Hina Khan has come back a long way and now Salman Khan slams Hina Khan for modification of her statements.

There are many characteristics of Hina Khan’s characters that became a reason for her troll and of them is her habit of changing her statements every now and then.

In the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar episode, Salman Khan slams Hina Khan when she did the same that became a reason for irritation for Salman Khan and he straight off pointed it out to her.

In the latest promo of Weekend Ka Vaar, we can see Salman Khan joined by Shilpa Shinde’s brother, Akash Dadlani’s mother, Hina’s boyfriend Rocky Jaiswal and Puneesh Sharma’s girlfriend and co-contestant Bandgi Kalra who were additionally present in the Bigg Boss in the week as the padhosis.

The things get intense as all of them, one by one put allegations on the contestants. Akash’s mother alleges Puneesh for misbehaving with him despite the actual fact that he sacrificed his hair to save him. Puneesh replies and tells that Akash is his friend and he will do these items with him with none regret.

Bandagi Kalra additionally alleges Hina for commenting on Puneesh’s teeth and appearance to that Hina says that she has never said something against Puneesh. This irritates Salman Khan and he jumps in expression –

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