21 Nov
Dhinchak Pooja graces Entertainment KI Raat, says she sings better than Lata Mangeshkar

Dhinchak Pooja was eliminated from the Bigg Boss House when she couldn’t entertain the audience enough, so they didn’t vote for her. Now, she seems to have pledged to entertain people even more, as she’ll be appearing in the new Colors show, Entertainment KI Raat and will be seen rapping against Aditya Narayan and call herself a better singer than the legendary songstress Lata Mangeshkar. The show is a comedy, and interactive entertainment show in which a lot of actors come and cheekily make fun of each other, all in good fun, while other, movie actors come and promote their movies; interacting with them and the audience too.

The show has been  making waves due to its publicity, and the presence of Dhinchak, who has become something of a sensation (Probably for all the wrong reasons) has caught on the news and is probably going to try to make a better impression on the show than she did in the Bigg Boss house.

All singers think that they’re better than their elders, but Dhinchak Pooja’s proclaimation is a bit alarming. However, it is probably just for fun, and she had tactfully chosen the lyric to make fun of herself and the most usual audience reaction to her songs.