Femina Magazine, Finally Apologizes To Priyanka Chopra
04 Dec

Femina Magazine, Finally Apologizes To Priyanka Chopra: Bollywood’s beloved desi girl Priyanka Chopra has got the apology from Femina magazine. A few days back Priyanka Chopra’s interview was published in Femina magazine. However, a quote from this interview created a good argument.

Priyanka had given an interview to Femina a few days ago. The headline was ‘I’m all about girl love’. In this interview, a quote from Priyanka was released. In this quote, she did not take anyone’s name and said that she called him ‘MF’.

Priyanka’s interview was published on 9th November. During the interview, Priyanka was asked a question from her jacket. However, the magazine had linked this jacket to her ex-boyfriend. In addition, the same quote was published by her.

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According to reports, when the interview was released, the PC was upset. When the matter came out of the magazine, they expressed their apology. Also, a statement was made to apologize to Priyanka and her fans. Femina Magazine, Finally Apologizes To Priyanka Chopra

Who is that MF?

A few months ago Priyanka had participated in the US ‘Dirty Laundry’ chat show. At this time the PC had disclosed about that mysterious jacket while talking with the show’s host. The PC said it was my favourite jacket and now it has become airport accessories.

When asked about who gave this jacket, PC said, ‘Once he came home, Jacket had forgotten.  After that, he had asked for it again. But I did not return him. Since then, this jacket has become my favourite. It is speculated that Shah Rukh Khan should have been this man.

Because once Shahrukh was wearing such jacket and spotted. PC and his affairs were discussed, it was said that this jacket should have been given to him to PC. Femina Magazine, Finally Apologizes To Priyanka Chopra