04 Dec

Zaheer Khan Visits Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur

Zaheer Khan has been in the news since he got married to his girlfriend turned wife, Sagarika Ghatge. They tied the knot on November 23, opted for a registered marriage. On November 27, Zaheer Khan had thrown a Wedding reception at Taj Lands End in Mumbai, the wedding reception was also attended by the most argumentative couple of the time Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli.

Indian finest pacer Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge do not share the same religion. Zaheer Khan visited his father in law home in Kolhapur for the first time after his wedding. Zaheer Khan visited the Mahalaxmi Temple in Kolhapur to be blessed. The duo was escorted by the family, in the photo they can be seen going for the Darshan.

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Zaheer Khan Sport a Tilak one of His Photos

Zaheer Khan is seen in the simple white kurta, while his gorgeous wife appeared to wear a bright red Saari, Zaheer Khan is seen in Red Teeka on his forehead. Which did not go down well to his Muslim followers, they also targeted Zaheer Khan for visiting the temple in Kolhapur.

Here are some people who targeted Zaheer Khan for visiting the temple, Let’s read What they have to say about the newlywed couple…

A user on Twitter wrote, This time around Hindus praising Zaheer for visiting temples but if some Hindu celebrity would have visited masjid, a story would have been different.

Another guy also reminded the theme of Ghar Wapsi, and wrote on Microblogging site, Some guys raised doubts about #Gharwapsi of #ZaheerKhan. What more proof they want. The world has a problem with only one thing that is #Islam.

While, there are many people who also celebrate their temple visit, and came out in support of the couple. Let’s say How they welcome they temple visit.

A User Wrote on Twitter, Newlywed #SagarikaGhatge Ghatge and #ZaheerKhan took blessings of goddess #Mahalaxmi in Kolhapur’s famous Mahalaxmi temple.. interfaith marriage should be like this…both should respect each other’s religion no #lovejihad #noconversion.

Another  User also Wrote in, which reads, #Bollywood: Newlyweds Zaheer Khan and Sagarika Ghatge pay a visit to the Mahalaxmi temple in Kolhapur & Gave Slap To Extremist By Praying In #Hindu Temple after Marriage Being A #Muslim.

#zaheerkhan is Marathi and Sagarika also. So it’s the culture what matters, not religion. And he’s proud Indian that’s enough for nationalism.