18 Nov

When we are in our late teens, we really need to be imaginative to find places to have sex. You know, either you have to wait for your parents to go somewhere or you are going to try sex in other places, like some old abandoned houses, in cars, or in the woods. So, when you grow up and able to allow yourself your own bedroom to have sex, for some time you are going to be glad that the times of adventures are over. But when you live together for quite a long time you start slowly getting bored of sex. Again and again, you are doing it in your bedroom, and, as a result, you find yourself desperately missing the times of adventures. But who said that those times are really over? You can always get them back in order to spice up your life. So surf the internet to borrow fresh ideas from the site you like or simply check out our list of the best places to have sex besides your bedroom.

Laundry Room

 You thought that we were going straight ahead to the public places to have sex? Well, you know, when you are adult it is quite easy to get this “What am I doing?”- question pop up in your head. We recommend you to start slowly, so why not to try your laundry room first? The best way is to let your girlfriend sit on the washer. Imagine how much pleasure she is going to get when the cycle starts. And her moans are definitely going to turn you on.

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