02 Dec

Google Datally App Review: Google has launched a new app which can save the mobile data in your smartphone totally just by itself. Google launched a new app called ‘Datally’ to help you understand where your mobile data is consumed, while also letting you manage and save data. Datally will also notify you about Public Wi-Fi hotspots that may be available nearby. The app is available for everyone in the Play Store.

Google on November 30 launched a new app designed to help Android smartphone users understand, control and limit usage of the pricey data packages, especially in countries such as India. Google’s new Datally app allows users to track their data usage in real time and get personalised recommendations on how to save data. Datally is an initiative of Google’s Next Billion Users division, which aims to make Internet services more accessible in developing countries with limited technology infrastructure.

Google Datally App Review:


“Mobile data is expensive for many people around the world. And what’s worse, it’s hard to figure out where it all goes. That’s why we built Datally, an app that helps you to control, save more and do more with your data,” Caesar Sengupta, Vice-President of Next Billion Users at Google.

  • Understand your data. See your usage on a hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis and get personalized recommendations for how you can save more.
  • Control your data. Turn on the Data Saver bubble to block background data usage and track real-time data usage while using each of your apps—it’s like a speedometer for your data. You can also block data with one tap if an app’s data usage gets out of control.
  • Save your data. Sometimes you just need a little more than what you’ve got on your data plan. Datally will tell you if you’re near public Wi-Fi and help you connect. Once you’re done, don’t forget to rate the network quality to help other users.

Datally app is just 5MB in size, and even after installing, the total size is under 15MB. After you open the app, the top half shows you the data usage of the day.

Final Words, there is no better than Google which makes the usage of an Android smartphone simple.