16 Nov

Sex is a personal choice. No girl should be judged on the basis of her virginity. But no matter what we tell ourselves our society doesn’t understand the meaning of personal choice. They would go around asking almost all the girls that whether they are a virgin or not.

All the mothers who are looking for brides for their ‘Oh so Sanskaari (not)’ son wants a pure and virgin wife for him. And all the men who are dating any girls or just flirting around with them will surely crack this question. I wonder why do they even care that whether a girl is a virgin or not.

But nonetheless in our defence, if nothing then at least we can give some awesome replies which will surely shut their mouths. Check them out!

1. “So you’re definitely not smart enough to keep your mouth shut!”

Well as it is said if you cannot say something nice then don’t bother to say anything at all.

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