hijab-clad Muslim girls flashmob dance
05 Dec

Hijab-clad Muslim girls flashmob dance: In an effort to spread awareness about AIDS in Kerala, three Scarf-wearing Muslim girls are seen dancing to Malayalam superstar Mohanlal’s hit song ‘Entammede Jimikki Kamal’ in the middle of the road has gone viral on Social media. These Muslim girls are also being accused of disrespecting their religion, Islam.

According to a report, These three girls danced on the road in the mask for awareness campaign organized by the Health Department of Mallapuram district of Kerala. The three girls are reportedly students of the Dental College in Mallapuram. The video of these girls’ dance in jeans is getting roasted and being widely shared on social media.

People are confused and asking, Is this a way to create an awareness about the AIDS. There should have been many more ways to create an awareness.

This is How people reacted to Muslim Girls Dance?

Scarf-Clad Muslim Girl Dance Gone Viral in Kerala

One of the first post reads a caption, “This was what happened in Malappuram today. Fortunately, there was no tsunami… End of the world comes close.”

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Another said: “Guess there’s not enough space in these girls’ home to tie them down, and hence they have been left free!”

Calling the women “sisters,” one person addressed them on Facebook writing, “You must have been born elsewhere, perhaps Goa, not here. This is amusing time-pass for you, but how will you undo the dishonor you’ve brought upon your parents?”

Many people came in support and wanted to be a part of their initiative, they are also being appreciated by thousands too.

A user wrote on Twitter,  There’s no disgrace in dancing, but when an act is done for cheap popularity, there will be some people opposing it too.Criticism is integrated in showbiz Another User also Writes, because it’s rare to see Muslim girls wearing Hijab and dancing.

More power to these girls Malappuram deputy district health officer says that the girls participated in a Flash Mob to spread awareness about AIDS. Apart from these girls, many other students also participated in the program.

The NewsMinute quoted District Medical Officer Dr. Sakeena saying that she is taken aback by the narrow-minded comments being shared on social media about the flash mob. Besides the flash mob, the event also included street plays and public rallies to mark World AIDS Day on December 1.

Kerala: Muslim girls shamed for taking part in flash mob dance

Hijab-clad Muslim girls flashmob dance video