Why You Should Date Me
24 Dec

Why You Should Date Me: The smartphones and apps have changed our lives to an excellent extent; from creating monetary transactions to keeping in-tuned with our preferred ones in several cities or countries, technology has created it simple for us. In fact, earlier people used to get hitched at clubs, discos, parties etc., however, today qualitative analysis starts from numerous apps appreciate tinder and so they meet if they feel that their profiles match.

Lizzy Fenton wished to propose a man named Carter Blochwitz and she or he desired to form it quite special.

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We have seen that individuals either come short of words or don’t seem to be able to speak once they have to be compelled to propose to woman|a woman|a lady} however Lizzy went on to form AN AF PowerPoint presentation during which she tells Carter on why she is that the good girl for her. She talked concerning her physical attributes, monetary position and even wrote what her critics feel concerning her.

If you’re a man and you cross-check the PPT, we tend to ar positive that you simply should be desirous of Carter.

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Why You Should Date Me Powerpoint

 Lizzy would be an excellent girlfriend, including:

• She is “financially stable” with “wealthy behind-the-scenes benefactors (parents)” who can “spot her cash”

 • “My diverse hairstyles allow me to look like three completely different people”

• “Boobs exhibit steady growth over time”

• “I am always at work (won’t be clingy)

• The slideshow features glowing endorsements from endorsements from Channing Tatum, Miss America and “your ex-girlfriend”

Lizzy shared the proposal on the micro-blogging website Twitter with caption, “I simply emailed this powerpoint to my crush Carter does one suppose it’ll work: //”