08 Feb

Have you ever had a 15 Course Indian Dinner in Dubai? You can have one at the Carnival by Tresind restaurant in DIFC. My wife and I had dinner there and spent at least 3 hours to finish all the courses served to us. For 375 AED, you get an extraordinary meal experience that we would definitely recommend.

Located at the Burj Daman Building in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC), Carnival by Tresind offers a post-modern Indian cuisine, by reintroducing Indian food in a modern and eccentric way. Every meal is a presentation, every food is a show and the staff demonstrates a creative display of their menu while also sharing trivia of each dish.

Carnival by Tresind Dubai restaurant

Carnival by Tresind reception desk

dubai restaurant - carnival by tresind - burj daman

bronze-colored trees

15 Course Indian Dinner in Dubai Carnival by Tresind Restaurant at Burj Daman Building in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC)

As you enter the restaurant, the first thing that stands out are the shiny bronze-painted trees in a colorful carnival-like surrounding. The restaurant has dim lighting which creates a private setting when you’re dining in your table.

My wife and I have been watching Chef’s Table on Netflix and we’ve wondered when we’d be able to try out dishes with unique presentations and meals that run at least 7-courses long. We were delighted to have experienced it ourselves in Carnival by Tresind. The dishes were served in no rush, as the restaurant aims for you to enjoy each course one by one.

Carnival by Tresind restaurant in DIFC

colorful and carnival-like dispay

carnival restaurant dubai

Bar area inside the restaurant

The meal started with a shower of bubbles to set the mood of an amusing and entertaining visual culinary feast. Let me just say that this post is going to be photo-heavy. ;p

Carnival by Tresind bubbles

the meal started off with a shower of bubbles to set the “Carnival” mood

Degustation Menu Non-Vegetarian (375++ AED for 15 Courses)

Here’s a list of the 15-course meals that they’ve included in the menu. Do take note that they also have an 8-course vegetarian menu.

  1. Sita Phal – sweet and sour pumpkin dabeli
  2. Mahkhan Phal – cacao nutter hive, avocado and lime cream
  3. Dal Phulka – yellow lentil capuccino, phulka cookie, fresh truffle ghee, cumin cocoa
  4. Life is Short Eat Dessert First – jalebi chaat, yogurt mousse, potato and chickpea
  5. Thai Tanic – Thai chicken burhee, sweet basil, lime pav
  6. Pulliinji – South Indian ginger prawns, palm sugar caramel, curry leaf crisp
  7. Meatalious – grilled lamb hops, mysore masala, mini dosai crisp
  8. Utterly Butterly – sliced wagyue tenderloin, amul butter, cheese toast
  9. Vada Pav Service – classic vegetarian snack of Mumbai mill workers
  10. Malai Baraf – litchi garnita, raspberry rose water, milk skin
  11. Carta Farta – steamed seabass en papillote, malubar style bouillabaisse, lemon rice
  12. Mutton Dressed as Lamb – mutton galouti chop, lamb jus nihari, fermented dough bread
  13. Gajak – caramel, peanuts and chocolate-done the alinea way
  14. Betels – South Indiaan paan macaron
  15. Palate Changer

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