08 Aug

UAE Labour Contract Online: If you’re working in the UAE and you want to check a copy of your work contract, you can view it online (and even print a copy) via the Ministry of Labour website. Please be advised that you SHOULD have a physical copy for yourself provided by your employer. But in case you don’t, for whatever reason, then you will be able to view and print it online. You can also see what type of contract you have, whether it’s a Limited or Unlimited contract.

Note: This procedure only works for people working under the UAE Ministry of Labour. If you are working for a Freezone, then you can get your Labour contract from your respective Freezone company or inquire from the Freezone Headquarters where your company is under.

Step by Step Guide to Getting a Copy of Your UAE Work Contract Online

Visit the official MOL (Ministry of Labour) website. Make sure it’s in English (unless you want can read Arabic). Here’s the direct link – https://www.mol.gov.ae/molwebsite/en/home.aspx

screenshot of MOL.GOV.AE website

From the Navigation Menu, Choose “SERVICES”, then “eServices”

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